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Paramparca – (Broken Pieces):

turkishsub123.com – is the largest website where you can watch Turkish series online with English subtitles for free and without registration. It includes the latest and greatest in the show, episode TV show details, and tons of streaming information, all for free. Drama Turkish Series,The web is very easy to use and allows the user to watch their favorite series in few seconds. The lives of two people from different backgrounds intersect with an accident. Gulseren (Nurgul Yesilcay) who is a young and beautiful girl living in poor neighborhood of Istanbul is hit by a car and brought to a hospital to give a birth. Meanwhile, Dilara (Ebru Ozkan) who belong to a rich family gives a birth to her own baby at the same hospital. The babies are given to wrong parents: the baby girl of Gulseren is given to Dilara and the baby girl of Dilara is given to Gulseren. 15 years later, we see that Gulseren lives with her daughter Hazal (Alina Boz). She has been trying to do her best to look for her daughter after her husband has left her. She works at a small store as a saleswoman. Meanwhile, we see that Dilara lives with her daughter Cansu (Leyla Tanlar). She has a rich life but has some problems with her husband Cihan (Erkan Petekkaya). Another car accident brings these people together. Cansu makes a car accident and gets injured. After this accident, her parents learn that they are not the biological parents of Cansu. This fact turns the lives of all these people upside down., Turkish series dazzled the world and became one of the most popular series, and turkishsub123 presents it to you now! As of 2020, turkishsub123 has become a safe and trusted place for Turkish TV series fans who want to enjoy free TV shows (also known as dramas) and exchange ideas and opinions. Romance Turkish Series, No dangerous website can survive for long and has a lot of community support. Therefore, we are confident that Turkish123 is completely safe to use.

Original Title: Paramparca

English Title: Broken Pieces

Also Known As: Förväxlingen, Broken Hearts, Gebroke Harte, Vidas cruzadas

Genre: Romance, Drama

Episodes: 97

Broadcast Network: Star Tv

Broadcast Period: December 1, 2014 – March 27, 2017

Production Company: Endemol Yapim

Director: Cevdet Mercan

Screen Writer: Yildiz Tunc

Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey

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