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Kiralik Ask – (Love For Rent):

turkishsub123.com – is the largest website where you can watch Turkish series online with English subtitles for free and without registration. It includes the latest and greatest in the show, episode TV show details, and tons of streaming information, all for free. Drama Turkish Series,The web is very easy to use and allows the user to watch their favorite series in few seconds. Defne (Elcin Sangu) is a young and beautiful girl who works as a waitress and supports her family. Since her parents passed away, she lives peacefully together with her grandmother, brother, and little sister. Even though she does not have wealth, she never complains and becomes happy easily. However, her simple life gets too complicated and turns upside down when her brother is taken by mafia for his debt. In order to save his brother, Defne has to find 200,000 TL in 24 hours. Omer (Baris Arduc), on the other hand, is a young CEO who has a well-known shoe store. He is silent, serious, introverted, and workaholic. When his parents passed away, he finds peace in a small shoemaker store where he starts to work as an apprentice. He learns how to make shoes and starts his own business through creating a well-known brand. Even though he comes from a wealthy family, he never wants his grandfather’s money and tries to do anything by himself. He lives in a disciplined way as if he wants to forget his past: wakes up too early, goes boating, eats certain things in determined days, and works so hard until too late. Turkish series dazzled the world and became one of the most popular series, and turkishsub123 presents it to you now! As of 2020, turkishsub123 has become a safe and trusted place for Turkish TV series fans who want to enjoy free TV shows (also known as dramas) and exchange ideas and opinions. Romance Turkish Series, No dangerous website can survive for long and has a lot of community support. Therefore, we are confident that Turkish123 is completely safe to use.

Original Title: Kiralik Ask

English Title: Love for Rent

Also Known As: Tisti usodni poljub, Rental Love, Paskolinta Meilė, Rental Cinta, Te alquilo mi amor, Любов под наем, عشق اجاره‌ای (Eshgh-e-Ejarei), Zaljubljeni neženja, Prețul dragostei, Hob Lel Ajar, حب للإيجار (Ḥubb li-al-Ījār), Dashuri me qira

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Episodes: 69

Broadcast Network: Star Tv

Broadcast Period: June 19, 2015 – January 20, 2017

Production Company: Ortaks Yapim

Director: Metin Balekoglu

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